11 Things Most of Us Believe In

A new study from the Associated Press reveals surprising information about American values.

Agreeable America
Fernando Alonso Herrero/Getty Images

What can nine out of ten Americans agree on? Survey says: a lot, actually. While big polls such as Pew, Gallup, and the General Social Survey are designed to explore our differences, the Associated Press curated study results to discover what united the United States. About 90 percent of Americans:

• believe in God.

• are very patriotic.

• consider preventing terrorism a very important foreign policy goal.

• believe cloning humans would be morally wrong.

• think society should ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

• think it’s important to get more than a high school education.

• believe it’s their duty to always vote.

• find birth control morally acceptable.

• admire those who get rich by working hard.

• believe it’s wrong for married people to have affairs.

• favor teaching sex education in public schools.

What do you think? Do these results surprise you, or do you agree with them? Sound off in the comments below.

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