Be Warned: Scammers Are Making Fake Versions of Your Favorite Apps to Steal Your Data

Fake apps could be stealing your info and money. Learn how to protect your mobile identity and spot fake deals.

Savvy cyber scammers are cloning apps to resemble authentic ones from reputable retail stores, reports the New York Post. Big names such as Coach, Moncler, and Salvatore Farragamo have all been victims of the crime. The developing trend has made it difficult for many online shoppers to tell the difference between real and fake apps and has left some feeling frightened and duped.

Branding Band recently revealed the scary fraud and posted on its blog, “Some developers are using Apple Search Ads to promote the unverified shopping apps. According to the Branding Brand Index (BBI), two in three retailers don’t have an iOS or Android app, leaving plenty of opportunities for others to represent them in the App Store.”

Although, this is bad news for businesses, the real question is how can you, the consumer, secure your private information and make sure it doesn’t get hacked by scheming app copycats? “In the past, Apple’s thorough review process has made it difficult for fake apps to fall through the cracks and get into the store, but spammy apps started to slip through the cracks in September,” Branding Brand explains,

Here are three tips to help protect your profile, accounts and online purchases from getting in the wrong hands.


1. App users need to stay informed. Be familiar with the store’s online history and pay attention to their technology advancements. If you are not an avid shopper at a particular retailer you will want to verify if the company actually has developed a genuine app.

2. Read App reviews and get feedback from other credible sources.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Before you provide personal data install any pertinent security updates to your device.

Read on to find out how to stay safe when using the Facebook Marketplace.

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