This New Fake Eyelash Trend Will Literally Make Your Eyes Sparkle

You’ll light up the room—guaranteed.

04-These-Fake-Eyelashes-Are-the-Beauty-Trend-You-Never-Knew-You-Needed-courtesy-f.lashesCourtesy Dimos ChatzoglakisFake eyelashes can add quite a bit of oomph to the average beauty routine. They plump for volume, extend for length, and darken for a dramatic—and pretty!—look. But this summer’s latest beauty trend goes above and beyond your typical falsies. In fact, they add a flashy twist that will leave you glowing… literally!

01-These-Fake-Eyelashes-Are-the-Beauty-Trend-You-Never-Knew-You-Needed-courtesy-f.lashesCourtesy Dimos ChatzoglakisSay hello to F. Lashes, designer Tien Pham’s latest contribution to the world of beauty. You can apply these false lashes with eyelash glue like any normal pair, but there’s a catch: they light up! Made with LED lights powered by a watch battery, the lashes turn on with just a click of a button.

02-These-Fake-Eyelashes-Are-the-Beauty-Trend-You-Never-Knew-You-Needed-courtesy-f.lashesCourtesy Dimos ChatzoglakisThe LED eyelashes come in a variety of fun colors, including pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green. You can also program the lashes to sparkle, blink, or flash in “dance mode.” With that combo, you’re guaranteed to be the star of every nightclub in town.

Plus, you’ll hardly notice that they’re on your eyes. Other than the small controller that attaches to the back of your head with clips, the lashes are lightweight and flexible. This fashion fad is all the rage online, but we recommend staying away from these other trends. 

05-These-Fake-Eyelashes-Are-the-Beauty-Trend-You-Never-Knew-You-Needed-courtesy-f.lashesCourtesy Dimos Chatzoglakis“There are thin wires that connect to each eyelash, but they are nearly invisible unless someone is close to you,” Pham told

03-These-Fake-Eyelashes-Are-the-Beauty-Trend-You-Never-Knew-You-Needed-courtesy-f.lashesCourtesy Dimos ChatzoglakisThese LED masterpieces first debuted at the Maker Faire, but you won’t be able to get your hands on a pair right away. You’ll have to wait until July, when Pham launches his Kickstarter campaign. But thankfully you can get one step closer to achieving that dream by donating to the cause.

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