This Is the Fast-Food Restaurant with the Best Free Wi-Fi

Your favorite fast-food restaurant might also have the best Internet connection.

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If you’re hoping to scroll while eating, some fast-food restaurants are better picks than others—especially when it comes to Internet speed. According to information from the database Ookla, the best fast-food non-coffee-shop chain for free and fast Wi-Fi is McDonald’s, reports. The golden arches’ top spot isn’t that surprising considering it’s the third-biggest coffee chain in the United States, per Plus, coffee and free Wi-Fi go together almost as well as a burger and fries.

According to the database, McDonald’s Wi-Fi has an average download speed of 24.2Mbps. In comparison, Dunkin’ Donuts—the coffee chain with the fastest Wi-Fi—has an average download speed of 25.4 Mbps, per Ookla. Closely following McDonald’s, however, is Panera Bread with an average 23.2Mbps, followed next by Arby’s with an average 13.4Mbps. For scale, the average Internet speed for Washington, D.C.—the state with the quickest Wi-Fi—is 28.1Mbps, according to a quarterly report from technology company Akamai. These are the fastest-growing restaurant chains in America.

On the slow side, the worst place for Wi-Fi is KFC with an average 1.4Mbps. Shake Shack and Potbelly Sandwich Shop are only slightly higher at 1.5 and 1.8 Mbps, respectively. That said, slow, free Internet might be better than no Internet at all. According to the New York Times, some coffee shops and small restaurants are not offering free Wi-Fi because of what Fox News calls “Wi-Fi squatters”—people who set up their devices and only stay for the free Internet access, taking up space for potential paying customers. For fast-food chains like McDonald’s however, offering free Internet access reportedly has business benefits including boosting profits, increasing foot traffic, and making customers happy. Next, check out these mind-blowing McDonald’s facts.

Emily DiNuzzo
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