Watch Out! Scammers Are Targeting FedEx Customers This Holiday Season

More like FedExpect to get a computer virus!

fedexAndrew Angelov

FedEx is at it again with the scams! Well, someone is at it again and that someone happens to be targeting FedEx customers very specifically this holiday season. As reported by WTOL 11 the scam starts off with a simple run-of-the-mill e-mail that no one likes to get around the holidays: a failed delivery notification.

The e-mail’s subject line reads: “FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification” and will contain a brief message notifying you of a failed delivery.  There’s no flourish, no pomp, no circumstance to the e-mail, as one would expect from a delivery service. But the message turns nefarious if you click on “Delivery Manager,” an underlined and hyperlinked piece of text which could potentially carry a virus.

“The frequency of this e-mail tends to increase close to the holiday season, presumably to exploit the growth in shipping volumes,” FedEx states on the Customer Protection Center section of its site. Logical, after all, as the U.S. is expected to see over 750 million packages shipped in the 2017 holiday season, according to CNBC.

Your best bet is to notify FedEx of the message, if you receive one, and then discard it. Nothing will wreck your yuletide spirit more than your desktop bursting into flames, or whatever happens when a computer virus infects your system. (For those still squeezing in last minute shopping, this infographic will help guarantee that your packages arrive by Christmas.)

[Source: Money]