Fidget Spinners + Cake = An Epic Cake Topper You Didn’t Know You Needed

No fancy utensils required.

HianDier via, SunnyGirl19/ShutterstockIf you’re sick of stepping over (or on) those tiny, trendy fidget spinners that your kids leave lying around your house, you’re in luck! Turns out, becoming the coolest mom on the block is actually way easier than you think. Simply incorporate one of those spinning toys into any iced dessert, and voila! You’ve just impressed kiddos and adults, alike. Plus, you’ve found a cheap and unique cake topper to boot.

But how exactly do you make them? This video gives the how-to. After you ice the cupcake, cake, or cookie (or try any of these easy desserts) push the pointy part of a golf pick through the dessert’s center. Next, place the fidget spinner on top of the pick’s round head. Once you give it a spin, these desserts will be ready to take off—into your mouth. Yum!

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