Can You Find the Sleeping Dog in This Video Call Scene?

Cute pets make all video calls better.

Most of us have had more than our share of video calls over the past several months. You’re probably sick of hearing about and abiding by these Zoom etiquette rules you need to follow. But we can all agree that a cute puppy (or kitty), whether it’s on our screen or someone else’s, can be an instant mood booster. Online casino game site Slotswise created a fun brain teaser to acknowledge that delightful reality. But this time, the pup isn’t prominently displayed on the screen—he’s snoozing in the background of this puzzle, and he’s tricky to find!

See how long it takes you to find the snoozing pug in this Zoom call scene. There are 25 separate participants, so there’s no shame if it takes you a while! Not to mention these cool cartoon drawings are a little abstract, so you may have to get used to the style—it’s not going to be a photorealistic doggo, but you’ll know it when you see it! For another fun animal challenge, see if you can find the one teddy bear without a bow tie.

Here’s a hint: The dog is wearing a blue collar.

Ready for the answer?

Zoom Illustration Brainteaser Answer Courtesy SlotswiseCourtesy Slotswise

There’s the pug, in the middle image on the right side of the screen—that fabulously bearded fellow is the pet parent. If you want another colorful visual puzzle, see if you can find the one man without a mustache.


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