Can You Find the Hidden Robin in the Trees?

Hint: A robin is a bird.

Not once in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is a robin explicitly mentioned. Sure, four calling birds come up, and sure, robins are songbirds. But the partridges, geese, swans, French hens, even turtle doves get mentioned and that’s just a shame. Speaking of turtles, we bet you can’t find the shelled reptile in this picture.

But do any of those aforementioned birds have a cool holiday puzzle with them in it? Doubtful. (Don’t look it up. Let the robin have this one.) In a recent puzzle released by U.K. florist Bloom & Wild, one feathered guy is kicking off the festivities by hiding in a grove of pine trees. Most people can’t spot the snake in this photo—can you?

robinBloom & Wild Ltd

For most people, it takes over to two minutes to find the robin, according to designers Paul Moran, Simon Ecob, and Wan. If you’re still feeling festively hungry for brain-teasers, we’ve got you covered.

robinBlood & Wild LTD

Next, try to see if you can identify the everyday objects in these close-up pictures.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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