Can You Find the One Teddy Bear Without a Bow Tie?

There's one underdressed teddy hiding in this picture. See how long it takes you to spot him!

Looking for a fun way to take your mind off things and immerse yourself in a delightful visual brain teaser? These debonair bears have just the thing. Or, rather, Perpetual Fostering does. In July, this United Kingdom-based fostering agency shared a fun, brain-tickling puzzle that’ll have you scouring your screen.

As you can see, this group of teddy bears is incredibly stylish. They’re decked out in different-colored bow ties: pink, blue, and green. But one of the teddies—just one!—forgot his tie! He looks identical to his ursine companions in every other way but is missing a bow tie. He’s hiding, but we bet you can find him. The question is, can you do it in under 30 seconds like the speediest member of the Perpetual Fostering team? And if you love spotting tricky differences, try to find the differences in these 10 photos.

Need a hint? You won’t find him toward the top of the image.

Ready for the answer?

teddy bear puzzle answerCourtesy Perpetual Fostering

There he is, beary close to the bottom right corner of the picture. His friends in pink and blue are doing a good job obscuring him, but we can still spot him! Hey, it’s quarantine and we’re all a little underdressed. We’ll give him a break! For more animal kingdom puzzlers, see if you can spot the ballerina hiding with these flamingos.

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