Finish This Sentence: The Weirdest Christmas Present I Ever Received Was…

What was your wackiest holiday gift?

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…a gift box full of lingerie from my 88-year-old grandmother, with the assurance it would get her a great-grandchild.
Erika Wallgren, Tacoma, WA

…a real iPad from my daughter, after I had given everyone an “eye pad” eye dressing from Walgreens.
Mary Jane Grange, Salt Lake City, UT

…a receipt showing my library fines were paid off.
Lisa Gorny, Superior, WI

…a box of gravel from the driveway.
Jessica A. Rupe, Tulsa, OK

…three wheels of cheese: all the same kind from three different people.
Jack James, Lavaca, AR

…a loaf of bread, wrapped like an expensive gift, from my mother-in-law.
Diana Webb Yensan, Denton, TX

…luggage in my 11th-grade school year. I think my parents were giving me a hint.
Danielle Gero Cloward, East Stroudsburg, PA

…notebook paper, torn out of my favorite notebook, wrapped and given to me by my five-year-old sister.
Eric Barnum, Midlothian, VA. (If you get a Christmas gift you don’t like, this is the proper etiquette for reacting to it.)

…a gold-quilted baseball jacket from my now ex-mother-in-law. She always sewed me replicas of what her dolls were wearing.
Elizabeth Walls, Bowling Green, KY

…a very squishy, padded, black-and-white-flowered toilet seat from my father-in-law.
Sandy Bathe, Braselton, GA

Make Christmas less awkward by knowing what to write in your cards. What’s the weirdest present you ever received for the holidays? Tell us in the comments below. Also, you can go to for a chance to finish the next sentence.

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