Finish This Sentence: The Most Beautiful Sound in the World Is…

What is it for you? Tell us below.

finish this sentence

…silence in a war zone.
Dawn Johnson-Deal, Kalama, WA

…my husband snoring next to me.
Carol Volzke King, Layton, UT

…Vin Scully opening up the new season: “It’s time for Dodger baseball!” He is the voice of my youth.
Claudine Montes, Escondido, CA

…the silence in a hot-air balloon 500 feet over Lake Pleasant.
Jim King, Phoenix, AZ

…frogs croaking in the marsh after a long and frigid Wisconsin winter.
Krista Jean Klaas-Singh, Princeton, WI

…the wonderful sound of children giggling.
Catherine Bloom, Omaha, NE

…rain in a drought-stricken place.
Edwinna Anderson Skipper, San Antonio, TX

…the snap of an American flag on a windy day.
Angi Magnanti, Westland, MI

…the remission bell in the oncology ward of a children’s hospital.
Phyllis Baca Flores, Taylor, MI

…a well-tuned symphony. Music is the gateway to the soul.
Jared Wabeke, Delton, MI

…bacon frying.
Kerry Chad Albright, Buffalo Creek, WV

…a cat sneeze.
Jayme Levy Duva, Mount Airy, MD

…the Islamic call to prayer.
Sahar Faruki, Berlin, CT

…the dismissal bell on the last day of school!
Brandi Austin Kotsalis, Hampton, GA

…my mother’s voice—I only get to hear it in my dreams now.
Suzanne Moore, Augusta, GA

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