Finish This Sentence: My Childhood Nickname Was…

What was your childhood nickname? Finish this sentence below, then go to for a chance to complete the newest sentence.

march 2015 finish this sentence

Yeah-But (said quickly, like one word), because I always had an excuse.
John Lax, Silverdale, WA

Smell Bell, because I used to stand at the clothesline and smell my blanket when Mom washed it.
Marilyn Rommel Bouknight, Coarsegold, CA

Jimi the Weed, because my uncombed hair looked like a tumbleweed.
Jimi Cardinal, San Bernardino, CA

Snickelfritzandheimer. My daddy always called me that because it made me laugh.
Seana Nichols, Ogden, UT

Possum Pam, because my uncle said I climbed on anything and everything.
Pam Wilson, Prattsville, AR

Funnybutt, because my last name was Honeycutt and kids can be mean.
Barbara Steele, Romulus, MI

Little Johnny Cash, because at age three, I memorized the lyrics to the entire At Folsom Prison album.
Greg Starnes, Fort Payne, AL

Roo, because I always stayed close to Grandma like I was in her pouch.
Johnny Hillsworth, Tampa, FL

Batman, because Iā€™m Michael Keaton.
Michael L. Keaton, Pittsburgh, PA

Peedab. My dad called me that because I was small.
Judi Morris Morton, Stanley, NC

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