Finish This Sentence: Someone Should Invent…

What's your great idea? Finish this sentence below.

finish this sentence

…bike lanes above cities, like skywalks, to keep cyclists safe and drivers happy. —Kimberly Lewis, Boise, ID

teleportation—try traveling across the world with three kids under six! —Diana Jauregui de Sevilla, Huntington Beach, CA

…a phone line to heaven. —Tina Gagne, San Diego, CA

a vaccination to prevent meanness in human beings. —Jagesh Jha, Minneapolis, MN

…shopping carts with phone chargers. —Missy Parsons Johnson, McCune, KS

a remote control to find my remote control. —Shane Stock, Laredo, TX

an underground road for emergency responders. —Meghan Nguyen, Houston, TX

a dream recorder. I’d like to be able to watch the good ones again and again. —Amber Ashabranner, Russellville, KY

a pipeline to carry floodwaters from different parts of the country to California. It really needs water for fighting fires and droughts. —Marie Ternullo Lee, New Orleans, LA

…a way for people to have their own theme music, so when you meet them, you immediately know if they are good or evil—like in a movie. —Kelly Johnson, Columbus, OH

…pants that actually catch fire when you lie. —Raymond Portalatin, New York, NY

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