Finish This Sentence: For One Day, I Would Like to Trade Places With …

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be?

february finish this sentence

…Bill Gates, to make a difference in education in Meridian, Idaho.
Marie Edwards, Meridian, ID

…Hugh Hefner. I love women, and pajamas are comfortable and fun!
Danny Wood, Chula Vista, CA

…no one. I am happy to just be myself!
Rosalie Martinez, San Diego, CA

…my grandma’s next-door neighbor so I could knock on Grandma’s door and invite her to tea.
Lindsay Simpson, Carroll, IA

…my autistic child, just to see the world through his eyes.
Rita Allee, San Marcos, TX

…the Reverend Billy Graham so I can feel his faith!
Dana Good, Union, IA

…an eagle so I can have a bird’s-eye view of the world.
Ray Brooks, Canton, MS

…my husband, to see just how it is to live with me. I know I would learn a lot of ways to improve!
Linda Lindy, Saraland, AL

…a blonde, to see if they really do have more fun.
Angela Kilgore, Dayton, OH

…my staff so they can see it’s not so easy being in charge.
Cheryl Albrecht, New York, NY

…my heart donor. I would love to know what he or she was like.
Aleta Whitten, Mayodan, NC

…Paris Hilton so I could do good things for the poor with all the money she has.
Nanci Crocker, Tallapoosa, GA

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