How Well Do You Know the Flags of the World?

Do you know your tricolor from your Trinidad and Tobago? With nearly 300 country flags to choose from, this quiz is surprisingly difficult.

There are 254 different flags in the world, covering all countries and dependent territories (including the United Kingdom and Kosovo). If that’s too many for you, the flags of the U.N. members total only 193, but considering how many repeated colors and patterns there are within those flags, recognizing the Irish flag from the Italian one is a more challenging feat in a flags of the world quiz than you might think! Fortunately, this quiz only asks you to identify 12 country flags. It also doesn’t include the different flags of the 50 U.S. States, although the meaning behind state flags is a fascinating story on its own. If you think you can tell Samoa from Serbia, and Egypt from Estonia, test your knowledge of flags of the world with our flag quiz.

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