This Airport Set the World Record for the Most Flights in a Single Day

When it comes to flying, delays tend to be a given—but not for this airport.

mumbaiRitu Manoj Jethani

Airports aim for efficiency. As much as people may gripe about delays (these photos show the most insane flight delays yet), the airport ecosystem is a delicate one that needs to balance speed and safety. But on November 24th, Mumbai International Airport managed to go against the odds and set the world record for most flights handled in a day.

All told, Mumbai International Airport handled 969 flights in a 24-hour span, but an airport official said that the aim was 1,000, according to The Times of India. Although the airport has two runways, they cannot operate at the same time because they intersect, so the hub can only operate one runway at a time.

India is the third largest aviation market behind China and the United States; just last year, Indian carriers carried 100 million passengers domestically. Bear in mind, only three percent of India’s population has ever been on an airplane, so the potential for growth is definitely there.

Air traffic controllers are calling it the “airplane perfect game,” probably. Mumbai International Aiport’s performance is a far cry from the regular work of the worst airport in the United States—fortunately, it’s getting a big $8 billion makeover.

[Source: Bloomberg]