Meet the Adorable Mama Dog Who Fostered Baby Bunnies

This story will win your heart!

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I raise rabbit breeds, and one Friday night we had a rabbit go missing from her cage with six 1-week-old kits, or baby rabbits, still in her nest box. I set up a live trap and left the babies in the cage but hadn’t caught her by morning, so I brought the kits inside to hand-feed them.

Farm & Ranch Living Magazine

Remi, our border collie/Australian shepherd mix, had puppies just a few days after the kits were born. She accepted the baby rabbits as if they were her own and took over the feeding for me.

The mother rabbit never came back, but five of the six kits survived. We still have one, another is now a house pet, and one is a grand champion 4-H show rabbit for a little girl in North Dakota!

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