If You Received This Phone Call, You Could Be Owed $900

If you think you might be eligible, get your cash before it's too late!

cellphoneDitty about summer/ShutterstockEvery day it seems like there’s a new phone scam to watch out for, ranging from the confusing and annoying to the seriously horrifying. However, here’s some good news. If you ever got this annoying phone call, you don’t have to worry about losing money. In fact, you could be owed nearly a grand.

The call in question is a robocall telling you you were eligible for a free cruise. In 2012, a man named Philip Charvat got that call and decided he was sick and tired of it, and so he filed a lawsuit…and was successful! Learn about the company that’s trying to stop annoying robocalls for good.

The party behind the calls was Resort Marketing Group, which owns the major cruise lines Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean. The judge ruled that Resort Marketing Group had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by accessing people’s phone numbers without their permission. Creepy, right? (Not as creepy as the fact that your Android phone might be recording you…) So now, Resort Marketing Group is required to compensate anyone who received a “free cruise” call between July 2009 and March 2014.

If you think you might be one of the lucky ones, you can check on the website for the Charvat vs. Resort Marketing Group settlement. You can get back $300 per call for up to three calls, so up to $900! With that much money, you really could go ahead and buy yourself a cruise. But don’t waste any time: You have to file a claim before November 3, 2017 to get your dough. If you do go ahead and book a cruise, here are some tips!

[Source: Today.com]

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