Funky Map Shows State Size According to Votes

This map imagines what the U.S. would look like based on the electorate!

An awesome new feature on Slate offers a unique look at America: What would our country look like if state size was determined by voter turnout? New Hampshire would be bigger than Wyoming, Maine more robust than North Dakota, and Arizona tinier than Tennessee.

The map is based on preliminary data from the 2012 election, and it looks sort of like a blue-red hunk of plastic left on the pavement to warp on a hot summer day. (Drag the window over to Alaska and you’ll see it resembles a fly splattered on a windshield.)

Among the takeaways here: Smaller states get out the vote more than you might think. And Texas is still gigantic no matter how you slice it.

This archival essay demonstrates that democracy “demands change.”

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