The Host of America’s Funniest Home Videos Shares His Favorite Clips of All Time

The host of America's Funniest Home Videos has a killer sense of humor and is also a fan of physical pratfalls—aren't we all?

Alfonso Ribeiro knows funny

Americas-Funniest-Home-Videos Courtesy CloroxFamilies are arguably the greatest unintentional source of comedy—just check out these cartoons about family life that make yours seem less crazy. That’s why audiences love ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos; the chaos and hilarity that happens at home is all too relatable. Alfonso Ribeiro took over as host of the hit show in 2015 and is as thrilled as ever by how much fun viewers have watching it. Recently, Ribeiro, an actor, TV director, and winner of the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, could have appeared in his own Funniest Home Video when he partnered with Clorox to do a “Clorox’s What the Mess?! Challenge” on Clorox’s Facebook page. In the video, Ribeiro teamed up with Clorox to host a queso- and guac-filled, game show-inspired challenge to celebrate the launch of the new Clorox with Cloromax Technology. “It’s amazing technology,” Ribeiro says of the product. “Basically the more you use it, the more it works!” Read on as Ribeiro shares some of his fave videos yet.

Epic fails are faves

“I happen to love epic fails,” Ribeiro says. “Like when someone is trying to skateboard and decides to skateboard on a rail, fails miserably, and catches a rail between the legs. That to me is hysterical!” No suprise then that he loves The Butterfly Freedom Fail, during which women set a butterfly free for its first flight—only to watch a bird swoop out of the sky and eat it! Keep the laughs going with these hilarious (and real!) animal names.

Dogs will be dogs

There’s a reason we’re all obsessed with dog videos. They help us escape our daily stresses and are perfect videos to pass along to a friend in need of a chuckle. Ribeiro loves Bacon Begging Beagle, one of the funniest home videos, featuring a dog who has the perfect reaction when presented with a large box of bacon. Wouldn’t you do the same? Don’t miss these dog cartoons that make every dog owner chuckle.

Everyone loves a jump scare

When it comes to fright video, a little jolt is a welcome surprise, provided it doesn’t leave us too jumpy! Ribeiro cracks up at Super Scared of Snakes, during which two women laugh as one of them tries to give a small snake to a man and wraps it around his neck while he screams and whines. Shocker: He is scared of the snake.

Kids do the darndest things

“The genre of little kids doing such innocent things is wonderful,” says Ribeiro, dad of three (a 15-year-old and two little boys, ages two and four). “My younger kids are starting to love watching the show, and it’s so fun to laugh at it with them.” His fave? Kid’s Clipper Catastrophe, during which a tot apologizes for taking his dad’s razor, which results in him shaving the top half of his hair off. If you have a soft spot for kids, you’ll love these adorable kid mistakes.

Can’t Cuss Kid

This stars a boy working on flash cards with his mom. When one of them says “As,” he shakes his head and waves his hands as he says, “I can’t say that!” repeatedly because he thinks “As” is a bad word. Here are the four occasions it is actually okay to curse.

Riberio’s all-time favorite

“I would say my favorite video so far on the show since I’ve taken over would be one of our finalists last year,” he says. “It was two kids. The littler brother asked the older brother to ride a slingshot ride on an amusement park. On the ride, the older brother decides last minute, he didn’t want to do it. The ride took off with him on it. He’s screaming his lungs out and then passes out. Then comes to on the ride screams again and passes out again. Then comes to again and is like we’re still on it, screaming. His little brother, supposed to look up to big brother, is like ‘I’m so sorry.’ It’s truly one of the perfect videos.”

A show that’s good clean fun for the whole family

Ribeiro believes America’s Funniest Home Videos continues to reel in audiences for the same reason he loves these clips: It’s plain old clean fun. “I think this show appeals to everyone because it’s mindless comedy,” he says. “You can literally sit with any member of your family and watch, and there are going to be videos you’ll find funny, and you’ll laugh out loud, too. You can sit with the family together, watch on TV or your phone or tablet, and you’ll know you’re going to get to watch good clean fun.” For more clean family fun, we also recommend these family-friendly movies.

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