17 Hilarious Tweets Every Cat Lover Will Appreciate

Cats are elusive and mysterious... or so it seemed, until social media gave us #Caturday, which opens a window into the mysterious minds of those furtive furballs as they go about their weekend routine.

Yipee! It’s Caturday!

Speaking of cute cats, you’ll definitely want to check out these cute cat cartoons.

Nothing like a weekend drive up the coast…

Looking for a weekend drive? Here’s the only road trip survival guide you’ll ever need.

Sometimes, Caturday’s just about takin’ in the rays

If you’re enjoying the sun along with your kitty, don’t forget these tips thatΒ make sun protection simple.

But be advised: Planning world domination doesn’t stop on the weekend

Don’t mind me, I’m just pawtrolling like a good guard cat

Please don’t call us “Peeping Tomcats”

Remember: Plant cats in springtime to ensure a bountiful harvest in fall

But seriously, here are some great seeds to plant for a garden full of gorgeous flowers this summer.

Sorry about the punβ€”Usually, I’m a very cool cat

Not to mention, some puns are devastatingly funny.

For some reason, I’m feeling absolutely ancient today

I’m starting to realize it’s impossible to fold laundry when you don’t have thumbs

Any chance we could agree to never speak of this again?


There’s a lot going on behind these blue eyes

Sometimes, I just need to take a sec to contemplate the meaning of life


From Cookie Monster to the Dalai Lama, here are 12 meaning of life quotes to inspire you.

Truthfully, sometimes, my own thoughts terrify me


Negative thoughts aren’t just scary;Β they can age you.

Then I remember: I own this place and everyone who lives here

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Fido

Like dog jokes? Try these on for size!

The first rule of #Caturday: Don’t ask what the cats do on Sunday

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