Funny Military Code Names That America Seriously Used

To a civilian’s ear, these real military code names are hard to crack. But we tried anyway.

funny military codeiStock/Marilyn Nieves

Operation Giant Profit: A missile test plan. Or: Wishful thinking on the part of the missile makers.

Operation Penny Counter: Development of a mobile computer system. Or: What the military was forced to resort to following Operation Giant Profit.

Operation Burnt Potato: A refueling route. Or: What was served in the chow hall after Operation Penny Counter.

Operation Lucky Dragon: Spy-plane implementation. Or: Where the officers ordered in from after Operation Burnt Potato.

Operation Big Belly: A program to enlarge a bomber’s load. Or: What results when Operation Lucky Dragon is too successful.

Operation Burp Gun: An Air Force refueling track over Western New York. Or: The only weapon known to cure Operation Big Belly.

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Andy Simmons
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