20 Hilarious Letters to Santa from Kids Who Know Exactly What They Want

Kids say the darnedest things, especially when they're telling Santa what they want for Christmas.

What’s so funny?

The fun begins…… #letterstosanta ???❄️⛄️❄️ ??? #whatslol? #shessofunny #6yrsold #Bella

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It must be an inside joke between her, Santa, and the elf.

The lagoon can go in the backyard

And the unicorn will play with the mermaids, of course. Don’t miss these letters to Santa that will warm your heart.

Christmas list or grocery list?

Life is simpler aged 2.5 #toddlers #toddlersofinstagram #christmas #letterstosanta

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She’s going to be a nutritionist when she grows up.

Someone’s hungry

????? #onlymykid #chickennuggetsarelife #lol #icant #letterstosanta ? ⛄️ ❄️ ?

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Santa’s fries would taste so much better than McDonald’s.

Teachers know best

Letter writing ✍?to Santa is a great activity to do with your child and I always think handwriting is at its best ✔️as ‘Santa has to be able to read it or he might bring the wrong presents’? ? To make the experience extra special check out @polar.post They have beautiful envelopes engraved with Santa’s secret address and you can also get a letter back from Santa Written on his official notepaper bearing the Christmas coat of arms where Santa will deliver all the latest news from the North Pole! ⛄️☃️⛄️ • • #tutoring #teaching #learning #education #children #kids #teacher #english #maths #activities #teachersofinstagram #instamum #instadad #parents #clcrecommends #teamwork #support #writing #polarpost #christmasmagic #letterstosanta #besthandwritingyoueverdidsee #christmas2017 #compasslearningclub #CLC #barnes #richmond #london

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But the question is, what do the parents think?

Please and Fanku

Please and "Fanku". ?❤️#kindergarten #letterstosanta

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The politeness makes up for the adorable misspelling.

Consider this her elf application

The kids' Christmas letter to Santa. I love it. Especially Lizzie's spelling… ?

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She’s certainly qualified—a whole half hour! Check out these sweet vintage letters to Santa from almost 100 years ago.

Which holiday is it again?

Jesus’s birthday, Santa’s birthday, same thing, right?

He really wants that unicorn

Why he wants it, we’re not entirely sure.

Santa’s portrait

Santa looks a little scarier than we remember.

Dear Santa Cloos,

Basically, she wants to go to Paris because YOLO.

“Jack in pox”

Close enough. Make sure you read these heartwarming stories about meeting Santa in real life.

Fly safe, Santa

Kids are so considerate these days.

And the cat food is for…?

Dear Santa! #holiday magic #letterstosanta #xmaswishes #xmaslist #favoriteperson #family #love

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Then again, nothing is off-limits when it comes to Christmas lists.

The question on everyone’s minds

Getting into that holiday spirit around here ❤?? ?✏? #letterstosanta #theoanddex #dearsanta

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We want to see that answer!

One of these is not like the other

I love that the teacher had to interpret this little girl’s list for Santa ?. #letterstosanta

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Remember your childhood Christmases, when you got up early in hopes of finding that special bucket of slime under the tree.

A love letter to Santa

This letter sums up what Christmas is all about: love, generosity, and presents. Specifically, toys.

She knows how to get Santa’s attention

"Hi Santa it's me Ryan here…" #letterstosanta #firstdraft #believe #santadoesntbringgiftcardstho

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Look Santa, I know the other kids want their presents in big boxes, but gift cards are where it’s at.

Looking out for the reindeer

Rudolph must be jealous.

Short, sweet, and to the point

Sometimes, Christmas spirit is best expressed without words. Curious what Santa really thinks about these letters? Here are 23 things your mall Santa won’t tell you.

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