14 Times Librarians Had the Best Sense of Humor

Check out these funny signs that prove that even book people, like librarians, can have the best sense of humor.

Libraries are quiet places meant for reading, studying, learning, and researching. You were always scolded with a hard, “Shhh” if things ever got too rambunctious, and you were always taught that there’s no room for monkey business in the library. But some librarians, while they’re still passionate about books and keeping the library in order like to have a little fun with their job. Check out these funny signs that prove that book people can have the best sense of humor. The next time you’re at the library, make sure to check out the funniest books of all time.


Make sure you have your library card ready to fix your hair or lipstick.

Appointments available

The more the merrier.

It was a blue book…

Librarians are especially helpful and getting people the books they want.

Mystery section

The fiction section

Walk to the left for more facts.

Greeting panda

Don’t be nervous to ask the panda questions, she has all the answers.

Book return squirrel

Luckily, Keith’s lunch is safe with books. Check out these bizarre things librarians have found in returned books.

Max the reading cat

You can give Max some scratches outside, but he can’t come in to read with you.

Batman returns

If you return your books, you’ll also be a superhero.

Valentine’s Day at the library

Candy hearts, but about books! Read these stories about crazy overdue library books that were finally returned.

Procrastination station

They’re putting it off until the last minute.

Books in the winter

Books make everything better (especially in the winter).

Library lab coats

And, they’re much more flattering than lab coats.

I like big books

Such a catchy tune! Shhh, these are the secrets librarians won’t tell you.

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