27 of the Funniest Parenting Tweets That Will Make You LOL

These basically sum up the hilarity of parenting in 140 characters or less.

1. Selective hearing

2. Who needs sleep?

3. The morning grind

4. Always room for chips

5. The real playtime

6. No rest for the weary

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7. Invasion of privacy

8. “What was I saying?”

9. The best attention-grabber

10. Loss of appetite

11. Experiment gone wrong

12. Clean eating

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13. Swear on my mother’s grave

14. #nofilter

15. Important parenting lessons

16. Blood, sweat, and tears

17. Guess who?

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18. Déjà vu

19. Pain is beauty

20. Scrounging for scraps

21. Big answers for big questions

22. Above the trends

23. A mother’s true love

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24. Try again (and again and again)

25. Tag is a contact sport

26. Play pretend

27. Sleepless nights

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Marissa Laliberte
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