15 Hilarious Reactions to the Solar Eclipse That Will Make You LOL

Think you saw the moon throw shade? Wait'll you see what it tweeted afterward.

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse was visible across the United States for the first time since 1979. (Find out how the solar eclipse messed with your horoscope.) As if watching a Super Bowl in the sky, millions of Americans rushed outdoors to participate in this extraordinary, monocultural event. Then, as soon as it was over, they rushed back indoors to tell solar eclipse jokes on Twitter. Here are some of the finest, funniest social media reactions to the great solar eclipse of 2017.

It all started when the moon decided to burn the sun.

Citizen scientists flocked to the streets, excited but mindful of proper eclipse-viewing etiquette.

Etiquette that, for some, seemed a tad unusual.

Many concerned citizens even took animal safety into consideration.

But, as is always the case, some people refused to play by the rules.

Others were eager to show solidarity with our closest star.

Even during a once-on-a-lifetime celestial event, not everyone was impressed.


Though the moon orbits about 238,900 miles away, it can still feel too close to home for some of us.

Those of us who couldn’t score a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses had to get creative.


VERY creative…

Very, very, very creative…

Not to mention resourceful.

Some, of course, were ready with spoilers.


But for those who missed the eclipse entirely, these cops are happy to recreate it (via donuts).


Here’s looking forward to the next solar eclipse in 2024! If we make it that long…

We hope you had a fun and meaningful eclipse! (If you happened to be one of those who didn’t follow the don’t-look-at-the-sun rule, here’s how to tell if you suffered eye damage.)

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