10 Funny Tweets That Would Have Changed History

Imagine if history's greats had access to the soap box that is Twitter; their famous quotes would have totally gone viral.

1. Julius Caesar @EmperorJC

Julius Caesar funny tweets et tu Brute

2. Napoleon Bonaparte @boney

Napoleon funny tweets obscurity

3. Edith Wharton @SocietyGal

Wharton funny tweets happiness

4. FDR @Fala4ever

FDR funny tweets fear itself

5. Winston Churchill @badassbrit

Winston Churchill funny tweets never surrender

6. JFK @PT109

JFK funny tweets ich bin ein Berliner

7. Margaret Thatcher @ironlady

Margaret Thatcher funny tweets ask a woman

8. Richard Nixon @trickydick

Nixon funny tweets not a crook

9. Hillary Clinton @hillary (Retweeted by Michelle Obama)

hillary clinton funny tweets change my hairstyle

10. Bill Clinton @theprez

Bill Clinton funny tweets sexual relations

Whom did we miss?

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