9 Funny Words to Improve Your Vocabulary

Before there was "swag" there was "Quagswag," and the world was a better place for it. Learn these nine old-timey funny words and never be labeled a hoddypeak again!

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Noun: twilight. Last popular in the 17th century. Say these 9 words and we’ll tell you where you grew up.


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Verb: the act of shaking to and fro. An old British word. Also add these uncommon English words into your vocab. We don’t use them, but we really should.

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Adjective: alluring, enticing, or attractive. From a Latin word meaning “to entice.” Even smart people mispronounce these 17 words.

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Noun: A fool, simpleton, or blockhead.

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Noun: a drinking bout, spree, or binge. Popular in the 1920s.

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Noun: the use of superfluous verbiage (a.k.a. the act of not shutting up.) Greek.

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Adjective: careless, heedless, or negligent. Characteristic of one who does not take yeme (care.)

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Adjective: frightened or alarmed.

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Noun: a state of mental disturbance or confusion. Scottish. Check out these ways you can improve your vocabulary in just one day.

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