Geeking Out Over Google Doodles

If you’re intrigued by Google Doodles, check out our favorites.

As a research editor, I spend a lot of time on Google. So, when the trademark logo is swapped for a cool themed doodle, it’s basically the highlight of my day.

Lucky for me and anyone else easily distracted intrigued by a Google Doodle, we can always visit the doodle archive, a cache of every unique design since 1998. Quick research: Yes, that’s more than 1,000 custom doodles. What makes the collection especially awesome is that it includes doodles from around the world, so there’s plenty of “brand new” ones that were only visible to surfers in other countries. For example, on November 11, U.S. Googlers saw stars ‘n stripes for Veteran’s Day. But, searchers in Chile and Colombia saw an artistic homage to Roberto Matta for his 101st birthday, while Polish Googlers saw a logo in celebration of Poland Independence Day.

According to Google, a team of illustrators and engineers carefully crafts each illustration after extensive brainstorming. Ideas for doodle-worthy events can be sent to [email protected]

Do you have a favorite Google doodle? Mine is an interactive guitar from June 9, 2011 that users can play, record, and share songs on to celebrate the legendary Les Paul’s 96th birthday. Missed it? Why yes, it’s available here.

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