This Trick Can Help You Get Your Luggage First at The Airport

Frequent flyers are used to delays. But one of the most frustrating delays can be easily avoidable. Get your luggage first with these easy words.

luggageEkaterina Pokrovsky

If you decided to check luggage, you’re usually in for at least another 15 minutes at the airport, standing with bated breath, waiting for your precious cargo. But there is a way to expedite the process at least a little bit and it only requires uttering a few words at check-in.  (If you’re looking to avoid delays, keep in mind the most and least delayed airlines for holiday travel.)

Next time you’re catching a flight, tell the clerk at your airline desk to label your luggage “fragile” before they send it down the conveyer belt. There’s the assumed benefit that your bag will allegedly be handled with additional care, but there’s also a pretty solid chance that your bag will be loaded last to avoid it being crushed by other luggage.

Then, when you land, your suitcase will be one of the first ones unloaded and, in turn, one of the first ones to make it to baggage claim. To up your early-bag reception odds even more, aim to check in on the later end of your airline’s window; this will also help make sure your suitcase makes it to the top of the heap. (This airline is eliminating check-in altogether.)

If that seems a bit too risky, you can always go the gate check route, but this would require you to haul your luggage with you a bit longer and make sure your bags can pass through security—which means you have to toss any suspect items and liquids. 

If you decide to bring just a carry-on, be sure to pack these items that could save your life, as well as the essentials.

[Source: Travel + Leisure]

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