You Can Get Paid $13,000 to Travel Around the U.K. and Europe

Your dream vacation awaits!

You Can Get Paid $13,000 to Travel Around the UK and EuropeSoloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

Traveling can burn a huge hole in your wallet—regardless of your destination. But why wait to win the lottery before quitting your day job and hopping on a plane? We might have the next best thing.

Britain’s National Rail service is hiring a new Chief Adventure Officer (CAO), who will be paid £10,000 to travel around the U.K. and Europe via train. That is the equivalent of around $13,500, just for touring the continent. Check out even more ways to make some extra money on vacation.

One lucky applicant and a friend will receive a 16-25 Railcard, giving them an all-access pass on Britain’s rail system—plus, it’s accepted on European trains as well. As for your destinations? The gig would require field trips to destinations that the public will vote on throughout the year. In other words, be prepared to try just about anything.

“Our new Chief Adventure Officer needs to be someone who lives to discover new places, and has a desire to share their experiences with others,” Jyoti Bird, director at National Rail, told Cosmopolitan UK. “They need to be adventurous, passionate about travel and good at creating content so they can bring their journeys to life for others.”

If you’ve caught the travel bug (and you are 16- to 25-years-old), then what are you waiting for? To apply, simply upload a one-minute video describing your last trip to the 16-25 Railcard website by Sunday, February 11. Good luck! But if you don’t land this job, don’t worry—we have some proven travel tricks for taking your dream vacation on the cheap.

[Source: Cosmopolitan UK]

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