Get the Best Lashes Without Expensive Eyelash Growers

Would you ever use the lash-growing drug called Latisse?

Would you ever use the lash-growing drug called Latisse? Originally used as a glaucoma medication, the drug in Latisse was shown to increase the growth of eyelashes. The side effects seem mild, but there could be permanent eyelid darkening and increased brown pigmentation of the eye. The new commercials about Latisse narrated by actresses send a dangerous message to young women as Dr. Andrew Weil puts it here: “Sparse eyelashes are a cosmetic problem, not a medical one. Look for a cosmetic solution.”

Also, a cheaper solution. Janice Lieberman tried a few lash-enhancing products and found Latisse to be the most effective but expensive, $120 per month, with lashes returning to normal when use was discontinued.

Get your most beautiful eyelashes without the cost of the new cosmetic drugs on the market.

Here are some other ways to enhance those lashes:

1. Use a hairdryer on your eyelash curler to make the curl last longer. Just be sure to test the metal on your finger first so that you don’t burn yourself.

From One-Minute Makeover: How to get lovelier eyelashes

2. Or, skip the hairdryer and go for the Sephora Mini Heated Eyelash Curler ($16).

From Mechanical and Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews

3. Lancome Defincilis High Definition Mascara is definitely one you should try for its ability to lengthen, define and minimize clumping. At $25, it’s not cheap, but well worth the price.


4. For a special day, try individually placed false lashes for a very natural look. You can even use real human hair lashes.

From Eyelashes for Your Wedding

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