Give Your Bedroom a Feng Shui Makeover

Here’s how to bring back that feeling of serenity.

Remember when your bedroom was your sanctuary, a haven from everything but your favorite keepsakes, your deepest thoughts…and your significant other? Well, thanks to feng shui consultant Kathryn Walker, who offers boudoir balancing tips in a recent article on, you can bring back that feeling of serenity.

Feng shui is the art of creating environments with a balance of energies and opposites—the darkness of the Yin in harmony with the lightness of the Yang. According to Walker, a busy adult’s bedroom should be serene and restorative, an uncluttered space that “encourages R&R: rest and romance.” If your bedroom is in need of a major overhaul, here’s a few Dos and Don’ts for feng shui beginners:

Do…situate your bed against a solid wall, which represents support.

Don’t…include TVs, computers, exercise equipment, or other furnishings that distract you from rest or intimacy in your bedroom.

Do…choose neutral colors in the beige to pink spectrum to inspire romance.

Don’t…hang mirrors, which can inspire friction and upset the yin/yang balance.

Do…accent the room with pictures of you and your partner as symbols and reminders of your intimate bond.

Don’t…decorate with pictures of your children. Remember, your bedroom is a refuge, which means an adults-only zone.

Do…bring balance to the room with his and hers nightstands and lamps.

Don’t…include décor that’s either too feminine or too masculine or have relationship-depleting plants in your private space.

For more on the art of bedroom feng shui—including advice for designing creatively and intellectually stimulating kids’ rooms—go to


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Originally Published in Reader's Digest