When Her Granddaughter Had Cancer, Grandma Ida Prayed. Then—a Miracle.

Would Grandma Ida's "hotline to heaven" make a difference?

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When times seemed to be at their very worst, you could call my grandma Ida Sands and ask her to pray about your dilemma. Your prayers were always answered. Grandma was the sweetest, most loving woman I ever knew, and she had a very strong faith.

Several years ago, my sister Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer and needed a certain kind of platelets to pull her out of her ordeal. No one in the immediate family had her type, and our parents were too old to be put on the platelet-collection machine. The hospital staff looked time and time again but said they had no platelets that were a match. We were all very scared, but Cheryl told me not to fear. “I called Grandma today and asked her to talk with the Lord about my situation, so I’m not worried,” she said.

The next day, the doctor came into my sister’s room and told her the staff had located several bags of her type of platelets. They could not understand where the platelets had come from, because they hadn’t been there the day before and no one had brought another shipment into the cooler.

Cheryl got her transfusion and was out of isolation in just a week. She lived for nine more years in remission until the cancer returned. She passed away at age 55.

Grandma Ida lived until she was 105. I truly believe she had a hotline to heaven and her faith gave my sister nine more years of her life.

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