Disney Fans, The Newest Disney-Inspired Goodies Are Here to Make Your Day

Yep, Groot bread is here, folks. Get those taste buds ready!

Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars are so yesterday. Disneyland takes its food to a whole new level. Just name a Disney character, and they’ve probably created a dessert in its image… Seriously!

The latest to join the Disney-themed bites lineup is Groot bread, which is exactly what it sounds like: bread in the shape of Groot’s head. (See picture below for proof.)

We all remember Groot as the lovable tree character from Disney’s original movie Guardians of the Galaxy, whose repeated line “I am Groot” made him an instant Internet sensation. After regenerating in the first movie, Groot returns in adorable twig form in the sequel (with an adorable high-pitched voice, to match). Thanks to Disney’s edible edition, he’s now both delicious AND cute.

Another must-try treat: The Night Blossom, a theme park refreshment inspired by the 2009 movie Avatar. Apple and desert pear flavors are layered on top of one another and topped with passion fruit boba balls, along with a little limeade thrown in the mix. And this drink is as Instagram-worthy as it is tasty. One reviewer described the flavor as resembling “sour Skittles—sugary sweet with a layer of tart sour flavor on top.” Plus, the souvenir cup comes with a glowing “unadelta” seed to take home with you.

Not a regular to Disneyland? No problem! You can also make your own Disney-themed desserts at home. Some of our favorites include Olaf-shaped cupcakes, Mrs. Potts cake bites, and Jessie from Toy Story’s cowgirl hat cookies.

All good news for the child at heart—and the foodie who digs aesthetically pleasing fare. Want more? Check out these mind-blowing facts about Disneyland.