The Ultimate Guide to Halloween 2020

Mask up! Here’s everything you need for a creepy-fun (and safe) Halloween.

Goblins and ghosts, superheroes and… social distancing? Halloween is bound to look different this year, thanks to the pandemic, but we can still keep some of our most hallowed haunted traditions alive. And hey, it’s the perfect time to wear a mask! Read on for the 2020 updates, funniest-scariest costumes, spookiest decorations, scary-tasty candy, fascinating facts, and the thrilling-chilling entertainment you need to get into the Halloween spirit.

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Halloween Updates for 2020

Whether trick-or-treating is happening on All Hallows Eve this year or not, the holiday will not be canceled. A full moon, a blue moon, and Saturday celebrations mean the fun, the fright, and the delight of Halloween is as strong as ever. Here’s what to expect on Halloween 2020.

Fascinating Halloween History and Facts

Halloween in America may seem like a day to indulge the darker, creepier side of life and eat loads of candy, but this holiday has serious religious and cultural origins dating back more than 2,000 years. Before you deck your halls in black and orange, read on to reveal the history and mystery behind the frightful fun.

The Funniest, Scariest, Most Popular Costumes

Whether you go for the ghoul as a skeleton or zombie, glitz it up as a rock star or royalty, masquerade as your favorite evil villain, or just throw on a sheet and call it a day, we’ve got the scoop on the most clever, creative, wallet-friendly costumes for every grown-up and child, couple, cat, and dog.

The Spookiest Decorations

Build your best-ever haunted house with skeletons, skulls, tombstones, and other spooktacular decorations for every style and budget. Prepare to scare!

The Best Halloween Candy and Fare

At least half the fun of Halloween for kids is that once-a-year permission to indulge in pounds of junk food. Even if trick-or-treating is off the table for your family this year, you can still make the season’s candy dreams come true for all good little witches and wizards (big ones, too).

Thrilling-Chilling Entertainment

Set the stage for spooky with hair-raising horror movies and books, party games that put trick-or-treating to shame, “humerus” skeleton puns, riddles, jokes, and more. You’ll be laughing till you’re coffin! (Get it?)

Apples in Waterindiegirl1975/Getty Images

Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?