These Siblings Knew the Perfect Song to Play at Their Mother’s Funeral—Because of Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is more than just a fun game for this family.

kids_give_mom_rockin_funeral_tributeIllustration by Kagan McLeod

For my brother, my sister, and me, Guitar Hero was a competition of who could score the most points on the hardest level.

Mom, on the other hand, would play the ten-minute “Freebird” on the easiest level while we kids prepared for our next showdown. When Mom restarted the song after missing a note, we all shouted our disapproval.

“Rock stars do what they want,” she said, and we laughed because we agreed: Mom was a rock star.

That’s why, later, her funeral felt more like the last stop on a farewell tour, with “Freebird” as the perfect send-off.

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