Buzzy Bumble Bee

A fun and playful costume.

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The bottoms of this and the Jack-o’-Lantern fleece halloween costume are gathered with elastic and the tops are tied together with a ribbon drawstring closing. Basic directions for the two are similar but the collars and headpieces vary. If you want a plumper effect, stuff tissue paper or polyester fiberfill in the body area. However, most children prefer this less bulky version, which allows them to sit comfortably, run around, and join in games without restriction.

You Will Need

1 3/4 yards yellow fleece, for body

3/4 yards black felt, for stripes

1 yard 3/8-inch-wide black ribbon, for neck edge

1 yard 3/8-inch-wide elastic, for bottom edge

1 1/2 yards black tulle, for collar

Black and yellow thread

3/4 yard paper-backed fusible web, to attach stripes

2 Styrofoam balls, 1 3/4 inches in diameter, for antennae

Plain headband

Black glitter paint




Tape measure

Glue gun


Where to Buy

Most of these supplies can be found online at, and SewAndQuilt.

What to Do

Cutting Directions for Body and Stripes:

1. Cut 2 rectangles each 27 x 25 inches from yellow fabric.

2. Fuse webbing to back of felt and cut out 8 stripes each 27 x 2 inches.

3. From black tulle, cut 8 pieces each 54 x 5 1/2 inches.

Making the Bumble Bee Body:

4. To make armholes, measure down 8 inches along each 25-inch edge of each yellow rectangle and mark fabric. Then measure in 4 inches along the top edges of the rectangles and mark. Draw a line connecting the marks on each side, and cut along the lines.

5. To position stripes, measure 8 inches down from the top on the right side of each yellow rectangle. Drawn a horizontal line the width of the fabric. Draw 3 more lines spaced 5 inches apart. Remove the paper backing from the back of the stripes, center the stripes over marked lines, and fuse in place.

6. Turn under a 1/2-inch hem along each armhole and press. Topstitch hems in place.

7. To make collar, layer 4 tulle pieces, and gather together along one of the long edges. Repeat with remaining 4 tulle pieces. Pin tulle to top edge of the front and back of the body pieces, adjusting gathers to fit. Baste in place.

8. Turn under 1/2-inch casing along the top edge of front and back. Stitch in place. With right sides together — and tulle collar inside — stitch front to back at sides, with 1/2-inch seam allowance.

9. Insert black ribbon through the top casing for a drawstring closing.

10. Turn under 1/2-inch casing at bottom edge and stitch, leaving a 3-inch opening for inserting the elastic.

11. Cut elastic to 29 inches. Insert the elastic through the casing and overlap elastic ends by 1 inch. Stitch ends of elastic together.

12. Have your child step into the costume through the top. Gather the neck edge by pulling the ribbon and tie in place secure.

Making the Headpiece:

13. Measure headband and cut a strip of black felt 1/2 inch longer and wider than measurement. Center felt over headband and glue in place. Wrap edges of felt strip to underside of headband and secure with glue.

14. Paint Styrofoam balls with black glitter paint and let dry.

15. Glue one end of the pipe cleaners to the headband and insert the other ends into the Styrofoam balls.

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