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This adorable costume is a blessing for busy moms who don’t sew.

This adorable costume is a blessing for busy moms who don’t sew. All you need is a hooded sweat suit, black felt, and fusible webbing to iron the spots in place. Children will want to draw the spots and cut them out themselves — there’s no right or wrong pattern, any size and shape is just fine. There are also spots on the gloves, and you could tape some to the sneakers as well. Ears and tail are made from white felt. For a tighter fit around the neck, tie on a red bandanna or use a piece of ribbon for a “collar.” The nose and whiskers are drawn on with face paint.

You Will Need
White hooded sweat suit
1/2 yard black felt for spots
1/2 yard white felt for ears and tail
1 yard heavy-duty, paper-backed fusible web to apply spots
Glue gun or needle and thread to attach tail and ears
Small amount of polyester fiberfill (or tissue paper), for stuffing the tail
Pencil or marker
White gloves
Scissors (manicure scissors are helpful for rounded shapes)

Where to Buy
The felt, fusible web, glue gun, fiberfill, and even an iron can be purchased online at various sewing supply sites such as SewAndQuilt and
What to Do
Making the Spots:

1. Fuse paper-backed web to one side of black felt. Draw irregularly shaped circles for spots on the paper side. Spots range in size from 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inches. It doesn’t matter if no two are alike. This costume should have about 100 spots on the pants and tail and about 75 spots on the top, including the ears.

2. Cut out the spots.

3. After removing paper backing from the spots, fuse them in place on sweat suit.

Making the Ears:
4. For each ear, cut 2 pieces of white felt 7 x 4 inches (18 x 10cm). Cut same-size fusible web and fuse felt pieces together.

5. Trace white felt and cut out ear shape. Repeat for second ear.

6. Fuse spots to one side of each ear.

7. Glue (or sew) ears to either side of hood.

Making the Tail:
8. Cut a piece of white felt 10 x 14 inches.

9. Begin rolling one long side toward the other long side. Before first roll is completed, insert fiberfill or tissue paper, lengthwise, for stuffing. Continue to roll tightly. Secure finished roll with glue.

10. Glue on spots.

11. Secure tail to back of pants with a glue gun or sew in place.

Finishing Touches:
12. Cut additional black felt spots and fuse, or glue, to white gloves.

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