The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Families

Halloween costumes are so much more fun when they're clustered together as witty, well-planned Halloween costumes for groups. We rounded up the best Halloween costume ideas for groups of all ages and enthusiasm levels.

Bee something buzz worthy

If you have a family with lots of little kids, or even a pup, buzzing about, the idea of worker bees and diligent beekeepers is definitely one of the best Halloween costumes for groups, especially groups of little ones. Psst…did you know that all that honey bees make is good for you? Here are seven health benefits of honey.

A collection of stick figures

This is one of the easiest homemade Halloween costume ideas out there, because all you need to pull it together is a totally white outfit and some black electrical tape. It’s great for families, but it’s also one of the best Halloween costumes for groups because it’s so easy to modify based on age, gender, and size. Too spooky for your family? Here are 20 more easy-to-make, DIY costumes.

The Price is Right for this easy costume

If you’ve got access to plain colored tees, some permanent markers, and cardboard, you can definitely throw these Bob Barker-approved costumes together. Or you can use these classic TV shows as costume inspiration.

I love my mummy

Moms are great, especially when they’re rolled up in gauze, loaded with candy, and answering to the name “Mummy.” If you’re the type who loves spooky Halloween costumes, this one is easy to replicate and works for groups of any size. In fact, it has a particularly big impact in large groups. Be sure to check out these mind-blowing facts about Halloween candy.

Is there an age limit on costumes?

We’re wondering because the idea of dressing kids and babies as elderly people never seems to bore us. It’s constantly adorable, simple to copy, and has a lot of wow factor. Plus, just think of the holiday card photos you’ll nab on Halloween. Caught the spooky spirit? You’ll love these adorable DIY Halloween decorations.

Girl Scouts

If you’re looking for a fun costume from a group of gal pals, girl scout costumes are easy to make and offer the world’s best excuse to bake a batch of your own cookies. You’ll probably want to read these Girl Scout cookie secrets, too.

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

…Or just be the modern day version of the Village People band that made the forever dance-worthy song a hit. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; this is one of those perennially good Halloween costume ideas that is easy to recreate at home.

Monkey business is the best business

If you want to encourage your besties to get involved in no evil this Halloween, this just may be the year of the monkey costume. You can all practice your best lack of hearing, seeing, and speaking evil. Spread goodness by monkeying around with candy. Male and female versions are available at Tipsy Elves, but you’ll have to purchase bananas separately. Once you’re done using them for your costume, here are 20 surprising ways to use bananas.

Emoji-fy your Halloween routine

If you’re low on time and enthusiasm, rounding up a bunch of Emoji tees is easy enough, and it lets each group member find an appropriate face to match their personality. Oh, and here’s the history of emojis, if you’re interested.

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