Halloween Napkin Rings

All sorts of bits and pieces adaptable to crafting happily haunt Nancy Valentine’s home in Paupack, Pennsylvania. “Oftentimes, I’ll find

All sorts of bits and pieces adaptable to crafting
happily haunt Nancy Valentine’s home in Paupack,
Pennsylvania. “Oftentimes, I’ll find each material that a
particular project calls for among my odds and ends,”
she notes.

Nancy scared up frightfully fun spider, ghost, witch and
cat napkin rings in the same way. “Empty paper towel
rolls form the base,” she tells, “which I trimmed with
extras like colorful felt.”

Halloween Napkin Rings
Witches, black cats, ghosts and creepy spiders adorn your Halloween table.

Nancy’s crafts are so simple to create, they’d make perfect
Halloween party projects for youngsters. Just supply
already-cut cardboard rings, felt and any other fun

You Will Need:

Patterns below
Tracing paper
Paper towel roll
Craft or utility knife
Scraps of black and white felt
Assorted two-hole buttons — two 1-inch
black for cat, one 3/8-inch black and one
9/16-inch black for spider, one 9/16-inch
white for ghost and one 3/4-inch lilac for
3-inch length of jute string
3 yards each of black, orange, white
and variegated yarn
Scraps of black six-strand embroidery floss
Black, red and yellow acrylic craft paints
Small paintbrush
Tacky craft glue or glue
gun and glue stick.

What to Do: With pencil and ruler, divide an empty paper towel roll into 1-inch sections. Cut apart with craft or utility knife.Trim with scissors if needed.

Referring to the individual instructions that follow for colors,
wrap each ring with yarn. To begin, glue one end of
yarn to the inside of a ring. Wind the length around the ring
so that each new wrap lies next to the previous wrap. When
the ring is completely covered, cut off the excess yarn and
glue the remaining end to the inside of the ring.

Use the end of a paintbrush handle to dab a dot
of black paint onto each hole of the white and lilac
buttons for eyes. Center larger black dot below holes
of white button for a mouth.

Dab a yellow dot onto each hole of the black 3/8-
inch button and one black 1-inch button. Add a dot
of black on each yellow dot for pupils.

For mouths, center a red dot below the holes of the painted
1-inch black button and painted lilac button.

Cat: Wrap a ring with orange yarn. Referring to shaded areas
on patterns and photo below for position, glue ears behind
the painted 1-inch black button and tail behind the
unpainted 1-inch black button. Glue buttons to ring.

Tie a knot in center of a 3-inch length of black floss and
glue to cat’s face for whiskers. Trim ends to desired length.

Spider: Wrap a ring with white yarn. Cut four 3-inch lengths
of black floss for legs. Stack the pieces and tie a knot in
middle of stack. Glue knot to ring. Trim so each leg is 1 inch

Center and glue a 9/16-inch black button on top of knot.
Overlap the bottom of this button with top half of 3/8-
inch black button and glue.

Ghost: Wrap a ring with black yarn. Referring to photo for
position, glue white felt ghost onto ring. Glue white painted button onto the

Witch: Wrap a ring with variegated
yarn. Referring to photo for position, glue 3/4-inch
lilac button onto ring. Untwist jute string and glue around top of button
for hair. Glue hat over top of hair.

Finished size: Napkin rings are 1 to 1 &#190
inches high x 1 &#190 inches wide.

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