Tidy Hallway Tips to Steal From Clutter-Free Homes

The secret to a nice, neat hallway? Carve out a place for all your essential stuff.

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Of all the potential mess magnets in the home, the entryway is one of the most common. It’s the place where we tend to dump everything as soon as we get through the door, and it can quickly gather so much stuff, it can be difficult to navigate. A messy hallway isn’t the most welcoming of scenes for unexpected guests, either. Here are some achievable ideas to help you manage your untidy tendencies without turning you into a complete neat freak.

Display your accessories

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It makes perfect sense to store outdoor clothing near the exit, and it doesn’t have to be hidden away. Arrange a row of attractive hooks that are a feature in their own right, and hang woolly hats and cozy scarves together to take a messy pile up a notch. In warmer weather, swap them for sun hats, beach bags and chill-busting evening blankets. Make your home look more expensive with these cheap decorating tricks. 

Go for open display

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There’s something lovely about seeing a family’s belongings all piled together right at the front of the home. So instead of hiding everything away, use a system of open storage that makes it easy to grab and go. Separate pieces like these add character while leaving a neat impression.

Or keep things under wraps

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This compact cabinet has a spot for everything, all in one shallow space. Large pegs and shoe racks mean items can be stashed with minimal fuss, while bifold doors keep the area hidden when not in use.

Add some furniture

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If you do have a little space to play with in your entryway, create more surfaces on which to place things. The upholstered bench, basket and coat rack in this hallway provide spots for outerwear to sit, and they make the space look homier and more welcoming.

Lean on a ledge

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Elevating your bag drop to a ledge like this beautiful wall-mounted piece is preferable to leaving a bag on the floor, and easier on your back too.

Line up baskets

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Baskets and crates, or even something like salvaged drawers, are the ultimate in affordable yet visually appealing storage, so make the most of a series of containers against your hallway wall.

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