Pretty Pink Pig Halloween Costume

A sweet and snuggly pink pig starts with a pink sleeper and a bare pink headband. All you have to

A sweet and snuggly pink pig starts with a pink sleeper and a bare pink headband. All you have to make is a nose, ears, and a curly tail.

You Will Need

  • 1 pink sleeper
  • 1 small pink ribbon headband
  • 1 cardboard tube (from paper towel roll or toilet paper roll)
  • 1 square (12 inches) white felt
  • 1 square (12 inches) pink felt
  • 1 pink fluffy pipe cleaner (12 inches)
  • 1 yard clear line (string)
  • 1 small white bib

What to Do
1. Start with the nose. Cut a 1-inch-long cylinder of cardboard off the tube to make your base. Punch a hole on either side of the tube for the string. Cut out a 4-inch circle of pink felt. In the middle of the circle, trace around the cardboard tube. Hot glue around the edge of the tube and place it on the traced circle. Clip the outside edges of the pink circle as shown in photograph below, then glue the petal-like felt pieces to the side of the tube. Cut string in two and put one piece through each of the holes in the nose. Secure the string with glue. Cut two pieces of pink felt 11⁄4 x 7 inches. Glue one strip to the inside of the nose and the other to the outside. Trim any extra. Cut two small slits in middle of nose for nostrils.

2. Cut out 2 ears from the pink felt, using a teardrop shape like that in the photo. The ear part should be about 4 inches tall, but there should be an additional 2-inch stem at the ­bottom for attaching the ear to the headpiece. Next, cut out two inner ears from the white felt. Glue the inner ears to the outer ears and use the pink stem of the outer ears to glue each ear to the headband—1 inch from the center on either side.

3. For the tail, bend the pipe cleaner in two. Cut out a quarter-size piece of felt to anchor the tail from the inside of the suit about 4 inches above the bottom opening. Sew the tail on at its bend. You should end up with two 5-inch pieces of pipe cleaner emerging from the back. Twirl the two pieces together around a pencil to make a curlicue. Bend in the wire ends for safety.

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