Happy Ending for Kitten Saved by Miracle Dog

This cool cat is indebted to this dog.

Here’s a bit of inspiring news: a 4-year-old Pekingese pooch named Mittens recently saved the life of an abandoned kitten through miraculous lactation, CBS News reports.

As the Mother Nature Network explains in greater detail, the little gray fluff of a feline was found in a barn by Minnesota residents Eric Novotny and Pat Weber. They took it home, plopped it down, and Mittens came immediately to the rescue.

“The kitten started to suckle, and within three days Mittens began producing milk even though she hasn’t been pregnant in years,” writes MNN’s Laura Moss.

Mittens continues to care for the kitten, now named Bootsie, weeks after the fact, proving that friendship can be overcome all—even the instinct to bark and chase. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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