This Will Be the Healthiest Zodiac Sign in 2018, According to an Astrologist

Is it yours?

This-Will-Be-the-Healthiest-Zodiac-Sign-in-2018,-According-to-an-Astrologist_524519419_Jacob-LundJacob Lund/Shutterstock

January 1 isn’t just any old day on the calendar. As the first day of the new year, it promises plenty of exciting possibilities for love, prosperity, and well-being—and odds are, you’re dreaming of all three as you write up your New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

And why not? Whether you’re hoping to land a dream job or take a significant step in your romantic life, there’s a lot in store for you based on your horoscope. But according to Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, one zodiac sign in particular will be ultra-focused on their fitness this year.

“In terms of health and fitness, it’s Gemini,” Miller told Well+Good. “They’re going to look gorgeous. Jupiter is in the house of health and fitness this year, and they’re going to be motivated.”

In other words, Jupiter’s placement in the sky this year will fuel your drive to get moving. As a matter of fact, Miller said, that newfound motivation might even lead you to splurge on some new workout clothes or a luxury gym membership. All in the name of wellness, right?

Of course, anyone can have a healthier 2018, regardless of what the stars have to say about it. Ready to get started? This is how you should lose weight, according to your zodiac sign.

[Source: Well+Good]

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