My Daughter Was Terrified of Dogs. Then We Met Henry.

Afraid of dogs? An old chubby beagle is the miracle cure.

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My daughter was so afraid of dogs, she would have rather drowned than let one get close. Then a special friend came into her heart. One cold and blustery night, we found an older, chubby beagle on our doorstep.

We named him Henry, gave him a box and an old blanket to protect him from the wind, and he stuck around.

Remarkably, my daughter took quite an interest in Henry. My wife and I watched in amazement as she walked, talked and played with him.

With help from a local vet, I located Henry’s owner, who said his young children would be happy to learn their dog was coming home. He said, “I’ll be right over to get him.”

I glanced out the window where my daughter was leading Henry around the yard. I asked, “How about tomorrow?”

As Henry rode off in his owner’s pickup truck, I realized his work at our house was done. Shortly thereafter, we welcomed two labs into our family, dogs my daughter dearly loves.

But we’ll never forget Henry, who showed up out of nowhere and made her love of dogs possible.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest