These Guys Prove Hi-Vis Vests Can Get You in Basically Anywhere for Free

The vests were all they needed to get into a Coldplay concert.

We’ve all secretly wished that we were on the VIP list for everything. The ultimate dream would be able to skip the crowds, lines, and fees at any event or attraction. Well, these two guys did just that. And they don’t have the fame or the money to be VIPs; they just have construction vests. (Check out these other pranks you won’t believe people actually pulled off.)

David Allegretti and Sean Foster decided to experiment with how far they could get by just pretending that they were on their way to fix something. They picked up some florescent vests and walkie-talkies at the store and got started.

“There’s a loophole into getting into places for free, if you’re so inclined. You just need to pretend to be an important person,” Allergretti wrote for Vice. “And people who wear hi-vis are important in the sense that they fix things no one else cares about. If you see someone in hi-vis stepping through a barricade, or marching past a bouncer, you naturally assume they’re headed to fix something.”

Sean Foster

They started with something with low stakes, the movies. Allergretti and Foster walked right past the employees at the front and into the first movie they could find. If only they could get free popcorn too.

Then they tried something a little more challenging, the zoo. They were more nervous about pulling this one off, but they surprisingly were able to walk right past the booth where you pay. They even gave the employee working the desk a friendly “g-day.” Families would come up and ask them questions and they would jokingly pretend to call “management” on their walkie-talkies and say someone would help sort it out.

David Allegretti

That night they took on their biggest defeat, getting into a Coldplay concert. Allergretti admitted it wasn’t easy. “It took a few different entrances and a lot of turnbacks, but we were only half as nervous as we should’ve been,” he wrote for Vice. “To our surprise though it didn’t go wrong. We actually got inside.”

Sean Foster

His one piece of advice after this experiment, “Go get yourself a hi-vis vest. And that’s all you need to know about life.”

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