We Bet You Can’t Spot the Hidden Soldier Camouflaged in This Photo

Hint: The solider is not dressed as a tree.

The entire purpose of camouflage, both the “nature” kind and the “clothing” kind, is to keep something or someone hidden from view, like the camouflaged animals hiding in these photos. But if you think leaf-patterned clothing can only do so much to hide a full-grown human, this photo-turned-visual-puzzle might just prove you wrong.

The British Army tweeted out this photo of a soldier completely blended into a thicket of misty Welsh woods, and it’s fair to say that he and his camouflage are doing a bang-up job. See how long it takes you to find him!

Any luck? Here are a few hints. He’s not in a tree, he’s not in the lower third of the photo, and he’s not in the upper third of the photo. Still nothing? The solution is below. See if you can find the snake in this backyard, too! 

Yup, that’s a guy! He’s definitely mastered the art of hiding in plain sight. (Unless you found him right away, that is—then you’re the master!) Looking for another challenge? See if you can spot the ballerina among the flamingos in this drawing.


find the ring in the garden visual puzzleCourtesy William May

Can You Spot the Ring Hiding in the Garden?