We Bet You Can’t Spot the Hidden Soldier Camouflaged in this Photo

Hint: the solider is not dressed as a tree.

There are times that you might want to stand out. Some of those times include job interviews, high school reunions, and trying to get the attention of a mascot with a t-shirt cannon. And other times, blending in is probably for the best. Some of those times include when the IRS is looking for volunteers to get audited in your office, high school reunions, and when you’re a member of a tactical military force that is known for its stealth abilities.

The British Army recently tweeted out a photo of a soldier completely blended into a thicket of misty Welsh woods and it’s fair to say that he’s doing a bang-up job.

Any luck? Here a few hints: he’s not in a tree, he’s not in the lower third of the photo and he’s not in the upper third of the photo. Still nothing? The solution is below. (Can you find the snake in this backyard or the python in this rec room?)

Looking for another challenge? Look no further than these 12 animals that were born to blend into their surroundings. 

[Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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