This Is One of the Highest Rated Recipes on the Internet

This bubbly burger-inspired soup is sure to hit the spot on a cold day—or any day, for that matter.

When that inevitable cheeseburger craving sneaks up on you, you don’t have to hop in your car and head to your favorite fast food chain. In fact, you don’t have to opt for a sandwich at all. Instead, indulge in this Test Kitchen-approved recipe from our sister site Taste of HomeCheeseburger Soup—their site’s highest rated recipe of all time, which received nearly half a million views in 2018. Still insistent on a classic stack? Try one of these copycat restaurant burgers.

With 586 reviews and an impressive 4.76 rating, it’s no surprise that this recipe, which was first published in the print Taste of Home magazine in 1996, was a contest winner when originally submitted more than two decades ago. Joanie Shawhan, the home cook and mastermind behind this oh-so-creamy goodness, was inspired to stir up the soup, which she calls an “all-American treat,” when a local restaurant wouldn’t give the recipe for a soup that she and her family enjoyed so much. Before you head to the kitchen, brush up on these cooking tricks that are only taught in culinary school.

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Without too much effort, you can enjoy it too. Requiring only two pieces of cookware, a saucepan and a skillet, this recipe is simple both to prepare and to clean up. Each bowl is brimming with quintessential cheeseburger ingredients, including onions, ground beef, and process cheese. But it also has some unexpected add-ins to give it that extra flair, like carrots and celery. If you like, try some personal touches to take it to the next level, like incorporating relish or sprinkling bacon over top. (Look here for more soup topper ideas.) And don’t forget—once you’ve tasted it yourself, head to Taste of Home‘s website and give it a review of your own. Next, check out these other 20 comfort food recipes just like grandma used to make.

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