This Hilarious Chart Perfectly Describes the Difference Between Toddlers and CEOs

This is just too accurate.

You may find toddlers and CEOs on totally opposite ends of the life spectrum, but they do share several characteristics. For one, they speak in a language that’s completely their own. (These 10 phrases will make you sound like a CEO—guaranteed.) And don’t even get us started on their wacky day-to-day habits, including tantrums and perpetual indecisiveness.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll get a kick out of this handy illustration, designed by writer and former corporate worker Sarah Cooper. It provides a pitch-perfect representation of our relationships with these two mind-boggling creatures. Still no word on how to tame them, though.

Whether you’re a lowly employee or a frazzled mom, we guarantee this is something you can relate to. See the chart for yourself below. And by the way, here’s how to handle those tantrums (your toddler’s, not your boss’s.)This-Hilarious-Chart-Perfectly-Describes-the-Difference-Between-Toddlers-and-CEOs-Courtesy TheCooperReview.comCourtesy

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